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Ash has the hands of a god! I’m currently playing the plant in LTG’s production of Little Shop of Horrors, I was so sore and my arms were aching but after just one session with Ash I feel so relaxed and rejuvenated. I could probably do the show another month right now. Going in it’s very professional and they make sure you’re comfortable. This was my first time going and this will not be the last time. From the quality of the massage to the ambiance to the level of care they have for their customers, all are top notch. If you’re feeling stressed, if you’re sore or if you just wanna treat yourself All You Knead, is indeed all you need!

- Erin N.

I highly recommend All You Knead Massage and Bodywork. I spoke with one of the therapist on the phone. After I described my pain, I was referred to Marielle Angell. Marielle took the time to listen to my needs and the pain I was in. We discussed different options of treatment and how to best relieve the pain I was experiencing. All I can say is Marrielle is very attentive to her clients needs. She told me how to avoid complicating some of the problem areas I was experiencing and repeating the pain I was in. I cannot speak highly enough of the care I was given. Marielle knows what she is doing and I highly recommend her as a massage therapist.

- R.K.L.

Ash Wirth gives a true and great deep tissue massage! His touch is a perfect balance of medical massage and “fixing you” and nurture! I’ve been a massage therapist for over 11 years and I highly recommend Ash for pain relief , I know I’ll be a regular!! Lincolnton is blessed to have this special guy!!


If you are local or even remotely close to Lincolnton, you have to try All You Knead Massage!  Ash is absolutely phenomenal! Hands down, best I've ever had. I've been to some super swanky spas including ones on Saona Island in the DR; but they weren't like this. Not throwing shade, they were great, but Ash is better.  If I show myself one monthly act of kindness, it will be time with Ash.  If you want to treat your body like a temple, make sure you choose someone for services who will do the same. I can absolutely vouch for Ash & All You Knead in that respect!


I took my son here that had ongoing issues with his lymph nodes. Ash gave him a massage that was specifically for the lymphatic system. He did a great job of helping my son feel comfortable and relaxed during this experience. So far it’s been almost 2 months and he hasn’t had any lymphatic tissue flare ups. I will definitely be coming back to get my first massage with All You Knead!


I used to travel out of Lincolnton to get a good massage, but when All You Knead arrived I could stay right here in town. All therapist are wonderful and work well with your schedule. Paula and her team has done exceptional of relieving me of headaches and shoulder pain. I highly recommend this place, for you will find All You Knead!!!


I absolutely love this spot. I’ve tried 3 different masseuses here and they’ve all been wonderful and accommodating. I’m pretty bougíe but this place meets my standards for professionalism and cleanliness, not to mention they are just very talented at what they do. Very happy I found this place!


Paula is a wonderful massage therapist. She listens to her clients to ensure the most effective massage. She has helped me with neck and back pain, stress and carpal tunnel.

- AMY C. 

What an amazing group of people that have come together to create a one of a kind top notch place of healing. Each therapist has their own style and their own specialties. No matter what your issue there is someone there that can help you with it. They're all extremely friendly and once you get to know them you become like family to each other. I am so grateful for Paula as well as the rest of the group here for coming together and getting to know me and accepting me into the fold so to speak. I urge all my friends to give them a try as you will not regret it. Because everyone deserves a "Paula-Day!!”


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